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We Use Both Innovative and Time-Tested Tools. Some examples of tools we use, when appropriate, are:

Graphic Facilitation - Graphic Facilitation is an interactive style of leading groups using large-scale imagery and displays. It grew out of a network of west-coast consultants in the 1970's who were inspired by the approach of designers and architects while problem solving and collaborating on projects. It has come to embrace a wide range of principles and practices that use creative media to help people to "see what they mean." Learn to use facilitation, storytelling, large scale collaborative practice, and imagery to improve your group process.

Benefits include:
  • Building group participation
  • Enhancing group meaning and "memory"
  • Deepening understanding and substantive dialogue
  • Creating "more fun" learning environments
  • Building-in buy-in
At last it's easy to make your business processes come alive graphically. Look at its history, analyze your industry's competitive structure, create a vision or make a game plan for who is going to do what, when. The large graphics make it easy for everyone to participate, as well as gather all the information in one place.

Graphic Images and Learning . . .
  • Encourages big-picture thinking
  • Shows a system on one chart
  • Invites group participation
  • The most effective way for a group to make decisions
Open Space - Open Space Technology is the brainchild of Harrison Owen, president of H.H. Owen and Co., a consulting company in Potomac, MD. Harrison created the idea to conduct meetings where formal agendas are scrapped and structure evolves. The voluntary nature is such that any one who is bored, not learning or contributing is honor bound to leave. Other principles to encourage rich discussions are: Whoever comes is the right person; whatever happens is the only thing that could have; whenever it starts is the right time; when it's over, it's over. Lair Learning clients have found this technique invaluable for creating learning dialogue that let's the truth come out in a manner that preserves trust and build relationships that allow solutions and impact to follow.

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